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Experience Canterbury Eye Specialists Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) is an exciting new procedure designed to treat farsightedness and presbyopia without using 
a laser.
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What to expect

An eye examination involves testing your vision to determine how well you can see. You should therefore always bring your glasses or wear your contact lenses when you have an eye examination unless specifically asked not to do so (For example, contact lenses should not be worn for several days before measurements are taken for refractive (eyesight correction) surgery.

How long will the consultation take?
In most cases, the consultation will take 15 to 30 minutes. Both Dr Collie and Dr Satchi like to run on time, but occasionally emergencies or other events cause delay. You would normally expect to leave the clinic within 1 to 1 hours after your appointment time.

Can I drive home?

During the initial examination, you will usually be given drops to dilate your pupil so the specialist can examine the structures behind your pupil, deep inside the eye, such as the retina.


These drops will blur your close-up vision but have little effect on your distance vision except that glare from bright light will be far more disturbing. It is possible to drive after dilating the pupil but it is preferable that someone drives you home from this initial visit. Your pupils will remain dilated for up to 3 hours.

Having assessed your vision and the state of your eyes, your specialist will discuss your problem with you. If surgery is suggested, we will provide you with written information about any procedures, hospitals and costs, which you must read before surgery.

Will I need a Referral?

It makes no difference to us whether you have a referral or not but Medicare gives patients rebates at specialist rates only if you have a current referral. If not, you will be given a rebate from Medicare at GP consultation rates ie you will be out of pocket far more if you do not have a valid referral.

In general, referrals from GPs and optometrists are valid for 12 months, referrals from another specialist are valid for only 3 months.

Conductive Keratoplasty Surgery - A new and exciting procedure Canterbury Eye Specialists

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